Complete Guide: How to start a wordpress blog

Complete Guide: How to start a wordpress blog

If you are new to WordPress, here is a regulated arrangement for beginning. If you require any help along the path, a lot of alternatives for help are recorded in this article. Welcome to the energizing universe of WordPress!

Step-by-Step Technical Guide to Set up a WordPress Blog
Step-by-Step Technical Guide to Set up a WordPress Blog

Step by step procedure to start a wordpress blog

Step 1- Read

WordPress is an awesome product. It’s anything but difficult to-use, capable, and adaptable. Making a site, and keeping up a site, is a science and craftsmanship that has immediately advanced. So as to completely welcome this it is essential to be well perused on the subject. One noteworthy thing to remember is your investment of time. Being proficient will definitely spare you much time over the long haul. On account of that, before you put your profitable time and vitality into introducing WordPress, there are some records you have to peruse to help you begin.

Step 2- Make a Plan

Based upon the data you’ve quite recently perused, including directions on introducing WordPress, you ought to have a rundown of the things you need and things to do. If not, make that rundown now. It is critical to make an arrangement about how you need to utilize WordPress on your site. Here are some things to ask yourself.

Step 3- Install WordPress

With this information and your plan, it’s time to install WordPress.

Before You Install WordPress, Installing WordPress and Hosting WordPress. Later on you have to edit the wp-config.php file. Once you have done this now its turn to move towards upgrading process of WordPress. Now here you are ready to move towards step four.

Step 4- Set Up WordPress

With your installation finish, it’s a great opportunity to set up WordPress so it will work the way you need it to work.

To help you see how all the different elements and screens on the WordPress Administration Panels work, look at the Administration Screens guide for a point by point walkthrough.

For help on making your client profile data, of which a few or all may show up on your WordPress Theme, see the Users > Your Profile pages for direction.

Go to the Administration > Settings > General, to set the website name and other data.

After you have published a couple of posts, you may try different things with the quick edit or full edit highlights in the Administration > Posts > Posts panel.

Include your “About,” “Contact,” and other data Pages by going to Administration > Pages > Add New.

Appearance and Themes

Need to change the feel and theme of your WordPress site?

Go to Administration > Appearance > Themes.

Changing the theme of your WordPress site is simple with only a couple clicks. Now, there might be something about your picked Theme that is pestering you, or, you truly need to get your hands messy seeing how your WordPress Theme functions.

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