How to hide ‘Last Seen’ timestamp on WhatsApp

How to hide ‘Last Seen’ timestamp on WhatsApp

Whatsapp messenger is one of the best social networking medium of today’s which enables you to connect and share your thought easily. It is the coolest approach to be in touch with your friends, family or others. It allows you to share photos, audio, videos and emoticons for free on almost all operating systems users like iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia smartphones, Android and Windows.


And after that obviously, it tells you – similar as iMessage – if your text, video, audio, status for whatsapp or other kind of message was sent and conveyed. It appears if your companion is online and if not, it likewise demonstrates the last time he/she was utilizing WhatsApp.


Hang on in that spot. Did you realize that the last component isn’t exactly agreeable for a couple individuals? Actually, I haven’t discovered it as uncomfortable or dangerous yet in the event that you think you don’t need your companions to know when you were online whatsapp, there’s a basic switch you can use to kill the thing.

It’s to be noted, WhatsApp says that it almost up to 24 hours for the feature to begin working regularly and I’ve known companions for whom the element hasn’t generally functioned admirably constantly.

Captivatingly, WhatsApp has concealed this component (not profound underneath but rather still, fairly profound) inside Settings.

The new element is not accessible by means of the WhatsApp application on Google Play Store starting now and you will need to do a touch of tweaking in Settings menu to get it. Here’s the way to cover up whatsapp status “Keep going Seen Timestamp” on iPhone running iOS 7.1 or prior variant:

  • Open the Whatsapp and Click on Settings option (base menu)
  • Click on Accounts option
  • Once you have clicked on Account option, now it’s turned to click on the Privacy
  • Afterwards, click on the Last Seen and afterward on Nobody. On the other hand, in the event that you need only the general population in your contacts to see when you were most recently seen on whatsapp online, pick My Contacts. The default determination is everyone.
  • While you’re at this, you can likewise arrange who can see your profile photograph and your status. (same three choices: Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody)
  • That’s it.



This time around, there is no 24-hour hold up before the Last Seen Timestamp changes produce results for whatsapp status. To the extent we’ve seen, it’s verging on quick.


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