How to download Viber for android, tablet ,Mobile and pc

How to download Viber for android, tablet ,Mobile and pc

In today’s competitive world, speed and promptness in terms of information exchange plays a significant role. One of the popular and quick messaging apps such as Skype fails to accomplish the modern needs of users like simplicity of use and convenience. So, in current years, there are various other services that have got huge popularity as a quick messaging app, which should ease the connection and join to an account.

Viber download,  is supposed to be one of the best chat apps nowadays, and an effective method to make free calls through WiFi or a 3G internet connection. A large number of people are using this app, and they connect with each other every time. Download Viber has some special features and with the passage of time, the makers are continuously updating and adding latest features so that it can give an ultimate user experience. Currently, a video calling feature has been added that furnishes the need of different users.

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Before some time, this app was not well suited with tablets. Users were not able to install Viber on their tablets, and it was a big drawback for the application. The makers of Viber app gave their best to solve the issue, and now they launched a current version of Viber that can simply be downloaded by any tablet user. It looks like Viber has removed that constraint and officially provided support for Android Wi-Fi tablets and devices. Users can simply install this app on tablets and use another device with a sim card to confirm Viber account. The process is quite simple, and if in case you do not know anything about it, we are here to help you. Here, you will understand the process of how to viber download and install Viber on a Wi-Fi tablet, iPad, or mobile phone.

                                                      How to install Viber on Wi-Fi tablet, iPad or mobile

How to install Viber on Wi-Fi tablet, iPad or mobile

  • First, go to Google play store or App Store to download the Viber app on your Wi-Fi-enabled Android tablet or iPad.
  • Once you have done the set up, type your mobile number.
  • After that, you will get a text with a confirmation code.
  • Type the confirmation code on the tablet, ipad or mobile that is running Viber.
  • Once you type the confirmation code, you will be capable of setting up Viber on your tablet.
  • Now you can put in contacts to your Viber contact list and enjoy calling your friends, family members and loved ones.
  • If you have already downloaded Viber on some other device, and now you want to activate it on your Tablet, then type the activation code you got on your mobile phone.

So, the above steps must be followed for installing the Viber app on your tablet, ipad or mobile phone. After effectively completing the activation process, you will be permitted to connect with other Viber users on a tablet or the device on which you have installed it. Tablet users get enough internal storage space and they are less probable to face any storage-related problems when installing this app. Viber 4.0 version only needs 500 MB RAM to run all the features easily. There is other version of Viber that is 5.0.2 and needs only 29 MB storage space to run on tablets.

Overall, Viber has optimized different versions to run easily on mobile and tablet. These are the significant steps that will allow successful use of the app on your gadgets. Choose the one that furnishes all your requirements and help you connect with your friends and family members easily.

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