How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer

Have you ever wish that you could get to some your computer from your workplace? Need a report from your home PC that is expected in class? You may handle your PCs from anywhere on the planet, through virtual connection. There is an assortment of approaches to do this, including downloadable program, in-build tools and program based solutions. The very fine built in tool to handle your desktop by sitting at your school, college or office is through Remote Desktop tool. The tool is provided by Windows through which you may easily use your computer while you are not on your computer.

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Windows Remote Desktop (PC)


Enable your remote desktop tool on the PC which you need to get to. Windows provides you a feature which is Remote desktop that you need to access, you must enable the Remote Access so that different PCs can associate with it. If you have Windows Pro or Enterprise version in your desktop or laptop then you easily enable this in your system. This technique requires that you be on the same system as the PC you need to get to, either through the switch or through a VPN.

Add users. You should set which clients can sign in remotely on that machine. Tap the “Select Users” button, and after that tap on Add button. Pick which clients you might want to include.

  • Press the Windows button along with Pause button to open the System menu. Another method of starting Windows Remote Desktop is to tap the Start menu, open up the Control Panel, click System and Security, then tap System.
  • Next, click on the “Remote settings” link which is left side of the window.
  • Find the “Allow remote connection to this Computer” box. You may modify some advanced options.

If you are ready to connect to any computer far from you then to make this possible the sleep mode must be disabled. You won’t have the capacity to connect with a PC that is Sleeping or in Hibernate.

  • Open the Control Panel and afterward select Power Options. You may need to change perspectives to see the symbol.
  • Next, tap on the “Change Plan settings”.
  • Change your setting and set the Sleep and Hibernate mode to never and click the “Save changes” button when you are done.

Log on to the PC which you need to connect with the remote PC. Click the Start menu and enter “remote desktop connection” into the Search field. Click it to open it.

  • Enter the system name of the PC which you need to connect.
  • Next, Fill the User Name option which you are connecting with.
  • Now, click on the “Show options” button to open the propelled choices for your association. You can utilize these alternatives to change your association with give you the best execution, and also design the sound and show.

    Click Connect to begin connecting with the PC. At the point when the association is made, the other PC’s presentation will show up in a window on your PC. You can explore Windows simply like you ordinarily would.

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